Jump straight in and drive the Burlington Northern and Sante Fe GE Dash-9 44CW ‘Warbonnet’ in ‘Easy’ or ‘Realistic’ mode.
BNSF is a Class 1 freight railroad, and the Dash 9-44CW “Warbonnet” is a Top Class new DLC loco from Jointed Rail.

Although the BNSF merger was finalized in 1996, ATSF had 100 C44-9Ws on order. Because of this, #700-799 retained their Dash 9 “Warbonnet” liveries, but received BNSF lettering on the sides as a result of the merger.

  • Build Date: 1993-2004
  • Power Type: Diesel-Electric
  • Engine Type: Four stroke V12 diesel
  • Tractive Effort: 469.9kN Continuous
  • Weight: 425,000lbs
  • Length: 73ft 2in
  • Width: 10ft 3in
  • Fuel Capacity: 5,000 US Gal.