TERA characters are endlessly customizable, with hundreds of cosmetic items to mix and match. How about a box full of head, face, and back accessories to start building your brand-new wardrobe? The Accessorize Pack contains:

  • Viking Helm (Hair Slot)–Conquer them with your charm.
  • Soft Kitty Hat (Hair Slot)–”Also a warm kitty hat.”
  • Arkai Mask (Hair Slot)–What better way to collect arkai eggs than to look like you belong in the nest?
  • White Sand Shades (Face Slot)–Perfect for any beach recreation.
  • Bandit’s Mask (Face Slot)–A black bandanna for your mouth and nose. Wear as you loot and pillage the land.
  • Mirrored Shades (Face Slot)–Perfect for recreation on sand, snow, water, or battlegrounds.
  • Officer’s Cape (Back Slot)–”Some leaders let steel do the talking.”
  • Shellback (Back Slot)–”Sometimes you don’t feel like coming out of your shell.”