The TerraTech R&D Pack is an optional, bonus test-bed that allows players to get access to early experimental blocks that are still being prototyped before being included in the main game. It’s an exclusive research lab (that also comes with access to private design forum threads) where our core community help us test, refine and balance all the new ideas that flow into the game on a regular basis. Over 100 unique blocks have now made it into the main game but this is the place where they get their debut – tested to destruction by the best TerraTech players, working with the dev team to make them awesome before they hit the real off-world adventure. You don’t need to have the R&D Pack to enjoy the main game but it’s a heck of a lot of fun and a great way of getting involved with development.

Additionally, all players with the R&D Pack also get access to additional private forum threads in the TerraTech forum.