That Dam Level redux is the expanded version of the re-imagining of that one level that destroyed souls. redux heals. redux soothes. redux is exposure therapy. It will ease the pain and make it go away. It is also a game that you can play.

Dive into action with The Big Dam Heroes! When the evil Dr. Beaver attacks Democracia once again, President Thanks have no choice but to call you to the rescue. Join the Teenager, the Mutant, the Ninja Hero and the Turtle as they risk their lives to defuse bombs under dams. Find loot, craft equipment and triomph… or perish.


  • Beautiful hand-painted watercolor graphics
  • A challenging combo system
  • Unlockables galore
  • Awesome chiptune music
  • Classic action gameplay
  • Combine items to create equipment
  • Daily challenges
  • Difficulty settings for everyone, from the cautious to the thrill-seeker
  • More stuff to unlock
  • Also, doodles
  • Great for streamers and youtubers
  • Cat masks
  • Speedrun mode included
  • My mom says it’s great