About This Content

In Season 2 of The Black Watchmen you have been assigned to investigate the aftermath of the Abyss Incident. Get ready for a new set of missions, mini-games and puzzles where you’ll battle against rival groups that wish to keep this advanced paranormal research to themselves.


In the aftermath of the devastating Abyss Incident, there has been increased exposure to paranormal activity. Occult phenomena are becoming the main point of focus for government & private agencies all over the world. Specialist groups have emerged with their work consisting of investigating supernatural events. As a veteran agent, you’ll need to draw upon all your skills to maintain the agency’s global strength.

Key Features

  • An exciting narrative that advances the story of the Black Watchmen with 30 new missions, mini games and 82 puzzles to solve.
  • Hunt for more puzzle pieces and unlock the Season 2 hidden missions
  • Opportunities for game-to-player interactions with new allies and enemies
  • Additional Steam achievements