The Little Crane is back! And it brought its friends to play in the dirt.

Driving and operating heavy machinery is a blast!
Test your operating skills in this simulator game with a diverse set of challenges.

Use the crane to load an unload, the bulldozer to shape the terrain, and an excavator to dig up the terrain.

Speaking of terrain: it is the real hero in this game!
With never seen before dig-anywhere technology™ you can shape the world.
Any changes to the world will persist between levels and game sessions, and there are no restrictions: cliffs, overhangs, caves, tunnels: it is all possible.

The world size is near infinite: you can dig a hole, then drive for an hour in a random direction and backtrack by following your track impressions in the terrain.
You will then find your dug hole as you left it: no short-cuts: real terrain simulation!

The game features 8 levels, and for each challenge you are given one or more vehicles to fulfill your mission. Each vehicle comes to life with quality physics simulations, and faithfully interacts with its environment.