It’s been twenty years since they found that place.” – Sajotir

The opening line of The Living dungeon hints that the game is not truly the beginning of this tale. Find out what events occurred twenty years ago that set the cogs in motion for our adventure. Follow eight adventurers as they tell their story of The Living Dungeon.

The Living Dungeon – Unearthed, is a prequel ebook to The Living Dungeon.

In the realm of Tanik, eight disparate adventurers gather in the desert heat. In all directions there is nothing but sand and the enemy, but here, under their feet, lies the tomb of Desarkeath. The group has no choice but to enter and know they will be hunted even when they do, but is there really any hope for escape, and can a god really die? It all seems very likely for these few sorry souls that this tomb will be theirs as well.

Please Note: The ebook files will be placed in your install directory, this can be found in your Living Dungeon folder in the Steam Directory: …SteamsteamappscommonThe Living DungeonUnearthed