Tremendous Corporation is pleased to announce The Secret of Tremendous Corporation: DLC!

The One Perfect Answer For All Your Day-One DLC Needs

After long and thorough market analysis our company figured out what players really expect from modern computer games.

We found out that every game absolutely needs to have a Day-One DLC!

From the expansive set of data derived from Steam platform, we were also able to find out what makes people most happy in said DLCs. The answer is: HATS!

Tremendous Corporation is thrilled to give to you a DLC with a hat for your hero. That’s it! No more distracting features, complicated special missions or disappointing alternative endings. It’s a hat and we mean it!

The Secret of Tremendous Corporation: DLC is the certified best way to waste your money you could ever imagine! In return, you get a fabulous hat to wear during a tedious sessions of puzzle solving. Isn’t it exciting?

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