Enjoy a total of more than 20 hours of exclusive gameplay on 7 new Maps!

Rise of the Rebellion: The Campaign Expansion

  • New “Mini-Campaign”
    • Reveal important events of the history of Tandria
    • Experience the capture and repression of Dracorian and his sister Rovyn by King Konradin and King Balderus
    • Experience how the siblings escape from their icy imprisonment
    • Experience how Rovyn and Dracorian gain the trust of the Church of Tandria to start a rebellion against the Crown of the Two Kings
    • Experience how Dracorian faces the Trials of Old Morhaim
    • Experience how the siblings ultimately lay foundation to a realm of free people
  • 5 new Campaign-Maps with more than 2 hours of playtime each (Details follow further down)
    • Prologue: Chained (Free Play – Domination Mission)
    • Escape from the North (Story- and Quest-driven Mission)
    • Confederation of Faith (Story- and Quest-driven Mission)
    • Trials of Old Monhaim (Victory Point Mission)
    • Rebel Realm (Story- and Quest-driven Mission)
  • New Trading Options (See the scenario maps fact sheet for more details)
  • New Trading Board (See the scenario maps fact sheet for more details)
  • New Monastery Type (“Occult”) offering new “Occult” Technologies (See the scenario maps fact sheet for more details)
  • New Techboard (See the scenario maps fact sheet for more details)

Shadow over Tandria: The Scenario Expansion

  • New story- and quest-driven “Scenario Game Mode”
  • 2 new gigantic Scenario-Maps with more than 5 hours of playtime each:
    • Awakening of the Eternal City (Details follow further down)
    • Perils of the Coast (Details follow further down)
  • New Trading Options
  • New Tradeboard
  • New Monastery Type (“Occult”) offering new “Occult” Technologies
    • Necromancy: Fallen soldiers briefly come back from the dead to avenge their death
    • Evil Eye: Fewer Clerics are needed to proselytize Camps
    • Deal with the Devil: For every soldier you send to kingdom come, you’ll be rewarded with coins
    • Demonic Bargaining: You’ll get more coins for each batch of Garments and Jewellery you sell at Ports and Marketplaces
    • Dark Aura: The effect of Clerics deployed in Camps is increased.
    • Hidden Persuasion: With every deal they close at Ports or Market Places, your Traders have the chance of obtaining their merchandise without having to pay.
    • New Techboard