The Story Goes On is a hack n’ slash adventure game centered around a randomly generated maze called the Odyssey. Fight monsters in fast paced combat, discover new items and secrets, and expand your map to the different sectors of the maze. The game keeps going on until you are defeated, after which your final score will be displayed and may be placed on an online leaderboard once completing the main storyline.

The game features:

  • Randomized adventure
    The labyrinth is an ever-changing beast. Once you leave a room, you never know your next fate. Solve puzzles, find treasure, and slash your way onward!
  • Community Inspired Items
    The items found in the Odyssey our other-worldly, literally. A majority of the content found was inspired or created by fellow fans and players of “The Story Goes On”.
  • Ever Expanding Content
    With the Odyssey ever changing to the demand of the fate (or rather, the fans), the items, enemies, characters, bosses and levels are constantly growing. The game will be updated on a regular basis with new additions.
  • Fast-Free Flowing Controls
    The Controls in the game are easy to learn, hard to master. From the start, you can move and attack in 360 degrees with either your mouse/keyboard, or a controller of your liking.
  • Challenging environments
    The environment can be used as your friend, or your enemy. The Odyssey has every environment you can imagine, so make sure to be prepared if you value your condition. Also be sure to look around, you may discover a thing or two.