Featuring nine fully original, completely remastered tracks from the incomparable Christopher Hoag (House MD, Concursion), The Weaponographist Original Soundtrack is designed to get your bootay movin’.
Toward the direction of demons, that is, where we’re completely confident you’ll have the weapons necessary at hand.

Track Listing:
1. Bastardo [03:27]
2. A Man About Town [04:04]
3. Go Faster [03:53]
4. Welcome Unicorns [03:49]
5. Burn It [03:06]
6. Black Suits [04:22]
7. Hell [04:52]
8. Ghosts In The Groove [03:57]
9. The Journey Ends [03:49]

You should probably loop it in your car, your office, or wherever else you may go. Cuz, you know….
Demons can be anywhere.

To view the soundtrack, right click on The Weaponographist in your game list, go to “properties”, go to the “local files” tab, and click “browse local files”. The soundtrack will be in the “Soundtrack” folder.