Update, June 30th, 2015: Added bonus track! Signs, by Big Giant Circles featuring Aureylian, is available now!

The Official Soundtrack of There Came an Echo, composed by Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson) and Ronald Jenkees! Additional vocals by Malukah (Judith de los Santos) and Ashly Burch. Comes in 256 kbps .mp3 and uncompressed FLAC!

1. The Echo
2. Main Theme
3. Ignite Defense
4. Radial Lock
5. LAX
6. Kinetic Potential
7. Filter In
8. Last Known Position
9. Sass Effect
10. The Singularity
11. The Peyton Conspiracy
12. Telescopic
13. Alpha Numeric
14. In Blue
15. Waiting for Fire
16. Override
17. Daylight
18. Echo Out
19. Voltage
20. Mr. Mac
21. Never Coming Back
22. Synergetics
23. Outside the Realm
24. Throwing Circles

Bonus Track: Signs (feat. Aureylian)