Engage in shock tactics with the Thunder and Lighting Pack for Dirty Bomb.

Whether you want to soften up your opponents with an onslaught of Thunder’s concussion grenades before finishing them off with his light machine gun, or you prefer the more personal touch, eviscerate your foe up close with Phantom’s Katana, this pack contains everything you need to inspire terror in the other team.

  • Thunder – A forceful frontline point man with lots of health and lots of firepower. Leave your enemy in disarray with powerful concussion grenades and a fearsome LMG.
  • Phantom – A powerful recon operative who can render himself temporarily invisible using his refractive armor and finish opponents off with his Katana.
  • One 3 hour Credit Booster – To help you earn more in-game credits to unlock cases and mercenaries.

Includes permanent unlocks of Phantom and Thunder mercs as well as a 3 hour credit booster.

Limit 1 Thunder and Lightning Pack Per Account. Packs Are Not Transferable.
This Pack is Only Available in Supported Regions.