Totally Unbalanced is a platform game where you control a totally unbalanced ball

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Totally Unbalanced is a platform game developed with Unreal Engine 4 addressed to hardcore and casual gamers.

The goal of the game consists in completing levels in the minor time possible. The game is separated in chapters that contains at least 10 levels with various,different and fun puzzles. Select your favorite skin and jump in this new epic adventure!


– Roll, Jump and overcome many obstacles.
– Complete puzzles various and complex.
– 21 relaxing in-game soundtracks and 5 soundtracks in main menu.


– Online Multiplayer with stats and ranks.
– The “Sumo Arena” where 4 players fight to stay on the arena!
– The “Ball Race” mode where 16 players run toward the end of the map and try to arrive first.
– Get UnbalancedPoints when you win or survive and rank up.


– New Chapters.
– Big Updates every 1/2 weeks.
– New Skins.
– New Songs.
– Optimizations for poor hardware.
– Workshop with user-created content (skins,models) and maps.
– Modding support
– Multi-platform support

Let’s play!