– This is a Fresh Start Pack for Tree of Savior which is Free to Play.
– You may only use this DLC product on servers located in the SA region. Please make sure you are purchasing a product for your region.
– This product is comprised entirely of in-game content. There will be no separate downloadable contents.

The Tree of Savior – Fresh Start Pack includes the following:

  • 1 x Stat & Skill Reset Potion

– Feel free to experiment a little with your character! All you have to do is drink up!

  • 5 x Instanced Clear Voucher [★]

– Use these to get through dungeons with ease!

  • 10 x Honey Dumplings

– Show your love to your party members with these sweet treats!

  • 10 x Settlement Support Potion

– Add a little magic to your life with these scrolls!

  • 100 x Highly Condensed HP & SP potions

– Keep adventuring further with the help of these potions!

Information on the Fresh Start Pack items:

1. The items will be sent to your in-game message box via GM message that will be accessible after Team creation. You may choose which character you wish to give the items to from the GM message.

2. You may only receive the items on one server so please choose carefully.

3. There will be no time limit on when you can redeem your items. You may decide to receive them at the time of your choice.

Please contact if you have any questions or trouble with the DLC.