Grab your friends and set off for adventure in Trove, the ultimate action MMO!

Mantle of Power, Trove’s first expansion, is jam-packed with mountains of new content. An increased level-cap, new ways to advance, customizable class abilities, wild new elemental worlds, and more are coming straight at you, and this pack is designed to help you jump straight in!

Power up with the Mantle of Power Fanatic Edition! Unlock your hidden strength with a pile of Empowered Gems Boxes, a mountain of Boosters, and a Class Gem Key, allowing you to unlock an ultra rare Empowered Gem for a class of your choice.


  • Head Start Access: Level 30
  • Head Start Access: New Worlds
  • 1 Class Gem Key
  • 5 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 80 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 250 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 100 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 25 Diamond Dice Boosters
  • 25 Lapis Luckbug Boosters