*NOTE* This pack is available in the in-game store under the Marketplace tab. You are strongly recommended to find the product there and make your purchase from within the game.

Includes BR 24.5T mineral wagons and BR iron ore tipplers, each wagon has four weathered varieties apiece and the iron or tippler has both fitted and unfitted varieties.

BR 24.5T mineral wagon
BR introduced these large flat bottomed mineral wagon in 1952. They continued building them until 1962 with a total of 3395 being built. None were vacuum braked.

BR Iron Ore Tippler
Prior to WW2 hoppers had been used for iron ore. BR found that it was just as easy to empty the wagons by rotating them on a tippler, removing the need for any doors at all. The BR design is superficially very similar to the 16T coal wagons, however they lack the side and end doors. BR built 8590 unfitted iron ore tipplers, although some of these were converted to vacuum brakes later.

BR later built a further batch (1000) which were vacuum braked.