Ultralight DLC Pack is a sophisticated set of meticulously pieced together premium ultralight tackle to let you experience the beauty, elegance and excitement of refined fishing techniques and bring out the first-rate professional angler that lies within. Perfect for going after the sneakiest of fish that are hard to catch otherwise, this tackle has the power to handle bigger predators as well. So put down all that clumsy heavy-caliber artillery and treat yourself to some genuinely finesse fishing battles worthy of a seasoned, mature angler!

Ultralight DLC Pack features the newly introduced deluxe line FeatherLight ultralight spinning rod and the brand new EspiraSlim super compact spinning reel! These ultrasensitive high performance tools from MagFin require some real skill and allow angling with light line and small baits, while easily handling large fish even in heavy corners. But for a real match made in Heaven we put a cherry on top and also included a full set of all the new different jig baits, some small spinners, small casting spoons and some ultra thin yet unbelievably strong braid that is just perfect for real fishing action with ultralight equipment.

The Ultralight DLC Pack is perfect for going after the most cautious of fish that prefer shallow weedy waters as their hideout. But make no mistake! The Ultralight Pack has what it takes to handle rather sizable adversaries and is just the tackle set to you motivate you to grow and sharpen your angling skills day by day! Because there is no fishing excitement like the thrill of landing a Trophy catch with an ultralight tool! Plus consider our unique Genesis Beta Tester Cap – an exclusive accessory!