Kurumi Mirumati appeared from the wreckage of a plane crash without any memories of her past. Nonetheless, these circumstances won’t stop her from living a cheerful life.

One day, Kurumi began to hear strange voices in her head. They promise to show her a world of wonders and unveil the mysteries of her past. Kurumi trusts her happy-go-lucky attitude and her reliable young friends to guide her on this fantastic adventure!


  • Updated version of Vanguard Princess
  • Revised single player mode
  • New Handicapped battle (Team) gameplay mode
  • New Survival (Streak) gameplay mode
  • New battle stages
  • New in-game ending
  • Alternate Kurumi-themed storyline
  • Alternate endings for various characters
  • Additional in-game music
  • Play Vanguard Princess in an uncensored version

BONUS: Kurumi DLC Game Soundtrack MP3s are included