Ready to rule the galaxy with an iron fist? The Commander Pack’s your ticket straight to the top:

Gain immediate access to T3 & T4 ships for your fleets

Dread Battleship (x1) – The massive, cutting edge Dread Battleship truly lives up to its name and is a true force to be reckoned with.

Taipan Cutter (x3) – Speed kills, rebel! Get this fast, agile Cutter to aid you in battle.

10,000 Coins + 25% Bonus (2,500 Coins) – Providing you with the ability to build upon your base assets with the latest tech and resources. Bonus Gold will really help you make your mark in the sector.

Bonus consumable equipment credits:
– Echo Ray II (x13)
– Energy Resistor III (x4)
– Diffuser Shield II (x4)
– Zynthium IV (x11)
– Focused Optics III (x4)