New to VEGA Conflict? Jump start your epic war in space with the Starter Pack:

Gain immediate access to T1 & T2 ships for your fleets

Exodus Cruiser (x3) – The wide firing arc and extra armor of the Exodus Cruiser makes it ideal to lead your fleet into battle and blitz out your enemy.

Rancor Battleship (x6) – A solid contender in FvF battles, the Rancor Battleship will overwhelm any enemy ship with its lethal weaponry and twin firing arcs.

2,000 Coins + 15% Bonus (300 Coins) – Providing you with the ability to build upon your base assets with the latest tech and resources. Bonus Coins will really help you make your mark in the sector.

Bonus consumable equipment credits:
– Scatter Missile III (x33)
– Spectral Shield II (x9)
– Plasteel III (x21)