Join Vicky, an orphan firestarter, in this cynically charming indie platformer as she fights to rid the planet of intergalactic demon invaders. Featuring classic style run-and-gun gameplay, minigames, and more!

Fight your way through 18 levels, each tougher than the previous, unlock new abilities, finish level challenges and seek out bonus levels. If you’re feeling up to it, test your mettle with the “Stupid Hard” setting.

Vicky Saves the Big Dumb World is a devilishly funny, cartoonish adventure, with plenty of action, violence, and high replayablility. Made with a love of B movies and low budget aesthetics, Vicky features an original soundtrack by MackOne.

– 18 levels
– 4 bonus levels
– 4 unlockable abilities
– 2 minigames
– Endless Zone
– Big Battles
– “Stupid Hard” mode: enemies are tougher and faster, no checkpoints
– “Forbidden Fruit” collectibles: unlock minigames, endless zone, and a new attack!!
– 9 unique Steam achievements

*A game controller is HIGHLY recommended