Feeling crafty? Then look no further! With this ultimate crafter’s pack, you will be equipped with the most valuable tools in the land, which will help you perfect all of your endeavors in the fields of carpentry, cooking, blacksmithing, and tailoring. Tinker and pound away, and watch your efforts multiply, for this pack comes, too, with an enchanted apron and a variety of other magical items, all of which will ensure that you excel in the field of crafting.

Pack includes the following:

  • 100 Crowns: A 5 dollar value.
  • Full Set of Elite Crafting Tools: Contains the full set of elite crafting tools that boost both the speed of crafting, as well as the amount of experience gained. Contains the Forever Spoon (Cooking), the Crackling Hammer (Smithing), the Spool of the Depths (Tailoring), and the Molten Chisel (Woodcrafting). This tool set alone is a 25 dollar value.
  • Frederich’s Crafting Apron: A special apron containing an enchantment that will boost your guile permanently. Guile is a crafting stat that allows you to rapid craft more effectively. The appearance for this apron will also be permanently unlocked.
  • 500x Motes of Yorick: The essence of rapid crafing, this substantial package of Motes will help you speed your way through even the most challenging of recipes.
  • 5x Elixirs of Creation: A special powerful boost that will aid you while crafting, increasing experience gained as well as your guile.

Every item in this pack is fully cooperative with all other DLC packages, including the Vanguard’s Pack, the Legendary Heroes Pack, and the Homeowner’s Pack. All four packs do not overlap or waste any items.

*Note: All enchantment items are good for one single character. Once used, the enchantment cannot be moved or transferred to other characters or accounts.