“If you think pool is best left to the greasy-haired guys in smoky bars, you haven’t tried VIRTUAL POOL. Enjoy lush 3D graphics as you try your hand at nine different games: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 6-Ball, 3-Ball, Rotation Pool, Straight Pool, Bank Pool, and One Pocket. Enter your name for record-keeping purposes, then choose from one of four excellent modes: Match, Freestyle, Tournament, and Shark Skins. You decide whether you want to play by American Pool Players Association rules, American Bar rules, or English Pub rules! Once you decide which game you want to play, you’ll go to a high-resolution 3D table, where you can select any angle to view play from. Take your pick from four different table colors, three rooms to play in, and a variety of table speeds, rail speeds, pocket cuts, and pocket sizes.”