Volume’s original soundtrack is ambient and slightly melodic, juxtaposed by full, orchestral Hollywood action sound. Composed by David Housden (Thomas Was Alone), the soundtrack mixes the futuristic setting of Volume with its Robin Hood inspiration by utilizing period instruments. Volume’s soundtrack includes the mandolin, a dulcimer, an Irish harp, an erhu
 (a Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument).

Strings were recorded by Pete Whitfield; a musician, arranger and orchestrator whose CV includes work for One Direction, 
Foxes and Kanye West. Soprano Riva Taylor provides vocals with mixing and mastering Daniel James.

“I hope it will keep the player on edge and keep the player’s experience interesting because it’s so different. I feel our ears are attracted to contrast in sound and that’s something I’ve experimented with a lot. Time will tell how it’s received, but I’m really happy with it now.” – Housden

Volume: Original Soundtrack

  • 01. Notes From the Past
  • 02. Welcome to the Volume
  • 03. Infiltration
  • 04. Cultural Critique
  • 05. An Understanding
  • 06. Honour Among Thieves
  • 07. As It Was, So Shall It Be
  • 08. Steal from the Rich
  • 09. Give to the Poor
  • 10. A Fickle Food
  • 11. Consequences
  • 12. Perchance to Dream
  • 13. Fight or Flight
  • 14. Revolution