This VRC PRO Deluxe Electric on-road tracks pack gives you 5 additional, real existing on-road RC tracks from all around the world.

✓ Expand your electric on-road tracks
✓ Experience real existing world class tracks
✓ Join more events & more multiplayer sessions

Having new on-road tracks is great fun and excellent for developing your RC racing skills. But even more so, it is a unique opportunity to experience these world-renowned RC racing tracks which most people only get to read about in magazines and on the Internet. Each of the tracks has hosted big, real life Worlds or European championships and huge Nationals.

Access to these tracks will also increase your ability to race others in multiplayer and online events.


  • Bangkok RCS 1:12 WC
  • Snowbirds ’13
  • Heemstede 1:12 WC 2012
  • Eppelheim 2012
  • Oulu Finland

Your new tracks are automatically downloaded by the game, directly after your purchase.

Have fun!