This Electric 1:8 Buggy expansion pack gives you a high performance buggy chassis with a complete set of optional high-end components to configure and customize your car. Excellent choice if you want to take your VRC PRO E-sport experience to the next level!

✓ Electric 1:8 Buggy chassis
✓ Full car setup options
✓ All available E-buggy components

VRC Pro cars are modeled with extreme precision, regarding both vehicle dynamics and visual appearance. Virtual Racing Industries has been developing R/C car simulation software for over 14 years, in close cooperation with industry experts and top class test drivers, and that’s something you feel in each car we have available for you in VRC Pro.

Your new cars are automatically downloaded by the game, directly after your purchase.

Have fun!

*Your support of the VRC Pro project is much appreciated. By buying this upgrade you enable us to keep developing new cars, new tracks and new game features which make VRC Pro even better than it already is!

The expansion pack includes:
– Intercept EX8-R 1:8 electric buggy chassis
– Reedy 4s 14.8V 5500 mAh battery
– Reedy 4s 14.8V 6500 mAh battery
– Electric buggy body by Bittydesign (EX8)
– Electric buggy body by Bittydesign (EX8)
– Electric buggy body by Bittydesign (EX8)
– Electric buggy body by Proline (EX8)
– Electric buggy body plain colors (EX8)
– Tekin T8 Gen2 1900 kV motor
– Tekin T8 Gen2 2050 kV motor
– Tekin T8 Gen2 2650 kV motor
– Tekin RX8 Gen 2 1:8 speed controller