Revamp your heroes and find new ways to play and compete in The Last Stand with these new Wargear pieces.

Rubric Touched Helm (Accessory)
This accessory has a single trait assigned to it called Dark Fortification. When the Sorcerer is struck in melee he gains 150 armor rating for 10 seconds. As long as he moves from melee combat to melee combat he will be extremely resistant to both melee and ranged damage.

Oracle Stave (Two handed weapon)
This bad boy is one of my favourites. Its damage output isn’t particularly fantastic but it has a chance to trigger a trait called Fate Weaver. Fate Weaver charges up the weapon to ridiculous proportions causing the Sorcerer’s next melee attack to do incredible single target damage, and significant area of effect damage around the attack. This way you can engage chaff and get your armor and damage up, move over to a high priority target and unleash the pain.