Note! You can purchase only 1 Pack of the same value to 1 Wind of Luck: Arena account. Refund is not provided if you purchase 2 different packs, which include the same ship or you already have the ship from the pack!

Mediterranean Admiral Pack includes:

• Light Corvette – tier VII famous ship of Mediterranean region, along with a free ship slot on shipyard.
• Admiral account for 14 days
• 500 Gold

Light Corvette is the fastest ship in game, able to chase down any enemy under favorable wind. Sleek hull and unique rigging with auxiliary sails allow it to reach full speed in very short time and keep preferred shoot range with ease. Armed by 20 large cannons, Light Corvette has far longer firing range than most of its enemies. You can apply all types of special armament and equipment as well as hire 2 different specialists. In hands of an experienced captain it can easily oppose even a tier 9 ship.

All famous ships allow you to earn 25% more Fame and Piastres for each battle.

Admiral account is purchasable for Gold. It allows you to get 50% more Fame, Expertise points and Piastres for each battle. Bonuses of having Admiral account and famous ship multiply, i.e. you will be able to earn 87,5 % more Piastres and Fame point for each battle!