Wishmere is a tactical brawler full of strategy and merciless combat.

To save the world, you must master distinct character-classes and tactically plan your every attack. Threaded with intricate fighting game mechanics, combo enemies without prejudice, break down boss strategies and carefully upgrade your character build as the world’s fate hinges on your battle with the malevolent Doubt.

Our Ongoing Beta (Early Access) is rapidly progressing, integrating player feedback and evolving character meta, moves and strategy. Do take part and give your feedback, read up on the Official Wishmere Wiki and join in the discussion with other players.

Current Features:

  • Deep strategy – strategizing and composing your attacks is deathly vital, as character-enemy meta is intricately designed.
  • Class-based, Ability-heavy combat – utilize class-based Abilities: maneuvers that makes each character unique, each with their own advantage and disadvantage.
  • Skill Upgrades – build your character to best suit your playstyle or team composition, choose to hide weaknesses or amplify strengths.
  • Combos – intricate combo system that mirrors those from fighting games. “If it hits; it hits.”
  • Single Player or Local Multiplayer – fight alone or wage war against Doubt with up to 4 players, enemy difficulty dynamically adapts the number of players.
  • Training Mode – train your moves and combos to prepare for the war against Doubt.

Official Wishmere Wiki: