This faction flair pack adds new flavor to the fierce dwarves of the Brising Clan. One of the first dwarven clans to wander through Nidavellir, the Brisings were led by their chieftain Modsognir to settle in Svarinshaug, braving the forces of nature. The clan has a passion for metalworking even greater than that of most dwarven, and their flaming forges have produced some of the greatest artifacts the land has ever seen.


  • New graphics for the Brising Clan’s Smithy
  • New portraits for Brising Miners and Militia
  • New basic shield icon for Brising soldiers with the clan’s symbol (also used for the Brising Round Shield item)
  • Dwarven Mead Hall, Bastion and Transport graphics containing the Brising symbol (along with some minor modifications)

Graphics by João Victor G. Costa (Jinn) and Exidelo (Leo).