This faction flair pack adds new flavor to the hardy Frankish factions. From their humble beginnings to the creation of a massive empire under Charlemagne, the Franks were some of the bravest Germanic warriors.


  • New portraits for Frankish swordsmen (with four hair-color variations
  • New portrait for Frankish cavalry (with five hair-color variations), along with a new shield for their unit graphics
  • New portrait for Frankish spearmen (with five hair-color variations)
  • New spatha (level 3 sword) icon for Frankish soldiers (also used for the Frankish Spatha item)
  • Various Teuton factions make use of this faction flair pack, such as the Frank Tribe, Francia, Austrasia, Neustria, Franconia and others
  • Frankish Swordsman and Spearman portraits available both for ordinary units and custom heroes

Graphics by João Victor G. Costa (Jinn) and Exidelo (Leo).