Unlock the 10 expansion characters in Yomi: Quince, Onimaru, Troq, BBB, Menelker, Persephone, Gloria, Gwen, Vendetta, and Zane.

(Note: This DLC is equivalent to purchasing the expansion characters in-game.)

Quince, Flagstone Chief Magistrate

  • Quince can play TWO cards in combat sometimes!
  • Quince can spin his combat card around after what the opponent played!
  • Politicians are straightforward and truthful, but this deck is very tricky to play

Onimaru, Wartime Strategist

  • Onimaru has attacks that can beat any other attacks in the game.
  • Onimaru relies on single hits for high damage, rather than big combos.
  • He can guard crush through an opponent’s block.

Bal-Bas-Beta, Clockwork Guardian

  • Put your opponent at long range and they can’t even damage BBB, but BBB can damage them.
  • BBB can play relatively safely while dealing low damage, then shift to high damage plays to end the game.
  • Robots have a lot of moving parts, so it takes some thinking to understand BBB, but once you do he isn’t as hard to play as it seems.

Troq, Well-meaning Beast

  • Troq is simple and powerful.
  • Troq smash.
  • Troq throw ‘u’.

Master Menelker, Deathstrike Dragon

  • Can make the opponent discard cards and can destroy cards in the discard pile.
  • Very powerful character, but low life total.
  • Most damaging super in the game.

M. Persephone, Nox Oracle

  • Can control the opponent’s turn with her Mistress’s Command super.
  • Can really dominate the opponent for several turns if you can set it up correctly.
  • Difficult to play well.

Gloria Grayson, Hopeful Healer

  • Can heal herself.
  • Can recur cards and build her hand how she wants.
  • Keeping the healing going involves good hand management and is sort of a puzzle to do well.
  • Difficult to play well.

Gwen Grayson, Hopeful Healer

  • Draws lots of cards automatically, but is slowing dying the whole time.
  • You get to do combos a lot and not care about being low on cards.

Vendetta, Undead Assassin

  • Has good, fast pokes that usually return to your hand after use.
  • Can use Acrobatics to get out of troublesome situations.
  • Can set up repeated knockdowns with his Wall Dive Loop

Captain Zane, Blood Guard Anarchist

  • Gets free cards during combos.
  • Very dangerous when he knocks you down, but very vulnerable when he’s knocked down.
  • Can really shake things up.