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FAILMID is a legitimate website that partners directly with video game developers to offer you daily game giveaways and discounts. We do not pirate or crack games — all games we offer are authentic. Nothing illegal going on here.

So, download with no fear — we do not pirate games, we do not torrent anything, and we do not offer cracks; everything is legitimate!

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Q: Why do ask for my email? Do you spam?

A: No, we do not spam. We ask for you to give us your email address for two reasons. Firstly, we need your email address to issue you a game license / code / download / etc. Without your email, we can’t do that. Secondly, we really like you and we want you to enjoy all the games we offer, so we send you daily emails about new game giveaways and discounts. (You can easily unsubscribe from our emails at any time and you are not sent a newsletter again after you unsubscribe.)

In addition, the company offering the game you are downloading (e.g. the game developer) will have access to your email address. They may send you emails.